Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have to admit, I love RTTY but I also love summer. We will be headed into fall next month and my heart was into starting the NAQP RTTY contest today but with the band conditions and feeling the warm summer breeze coming into the shack, I threw in the towel. I have all winter to play radio and work the contests but now that the wildland fire smoke has moved out and the sunshine has returned, I can't bring myself to park in the shack, even for 10 hours. Sad maybe but when our winters are as long as Alaska winters are, I need to enjoy the outdoors when I can. I did make a few contacts on 10 meters and even more on 15 meters. There is more to life than radio, especially during the summer season. I must admit, if the contacts were flowing at a rate of 100 per hour, I would stick it out. My ATV and the outdoors are calling me so away I go on another adventure but that's the beauty of ham radio, it's always here when I need it.

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