Sunday, August 25, 2013


I have received several comments regarding my blog. Thanks very much for the kind comments. Obviously, my Alaska activities will no longer be a topic until I return. I do expect a few more blogs here as I'm hopeful on receiving a bit more wallpaper from my Alaska operating. It was suggested to just rename this current blog and I may just do that. I did not realize I had such a few dedicated followers, all of who I appreciate that take time to read my ramblings. Anyhow, thanks for the emails, twitter and facebook suggestions. I will keep ya posted on  our winding road. 

Phil KL8DX

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Conclusion - The End? No, Just The Beginning of Something New

Thawing out in MA
As I continue to unpack ham radio items from our move, it was great to see the tower laying in the sun here in MA. I'm still far from being fully settled but hopefully, I will be able to hear the sweet sound of CW once again in the coming months. I will have a very small station so nothing competitive. My competitive days are over for a long while unless I hook up with a group of contesters who need a hand on a weekend or two. We have been so busy in getting settled (still are) that we have not had much of a chance to think of anything but unpacking boxes and wondering where we accumulated all of our stuff.

I started this blog just to document my adventures from Alaska, as many people I would talk to on the radio were always curious as to what it was like to operate in the 49th. Since my adventures have now taken me across the country and I will be settled here for awhile, I've decided to conclude my Alaska blog with this final post. I've enjoyed writing and sharing my photos, challenges and adventures over the last several years. Are my blogging days over? I would guess not, but it will have a different theme. I will someday operate from Alaska again but for now, any and all of my operating will be from MA or nearby. 

To all those who have followed or read my blog over the years, thanks! I will revisit my blog site here from time to time as a wonderful reminder of what ham radio was like for an average ham living in an awesome location. I've always enjoyed each and every comment and thankfully, this blog has led me to other fellow bloggers. There is so much great information out there if you take the time to look. 

What's in my future? A new callsign? Maybe. A new rig? Maybe. This move has been overwhelming in so many ways. But, we are much closer to family and friends so we will be interacting with them on a regular basis. I've not had much time to think radio but I do miss heading to the shack and turning on the rig looking for stations abroad. It was always a rush to give someone their first Alaska QSO. This hobby has led me to friendships that I would not have had otherwise. So many fond memories and I'm looking forward to many more. So, as one chapter of my life closes, another opens. But one things for sure, I will never be far from a radio. 73! AR SK