Monday, September 7, 2009

Kilo Lima 5 Oscar

October will be an exciting month for Hams all across the State of Alaska not to mention the world! The American Radio Relay League has named this year, "The Year Of The State QSO Party". Alaska has not had a State QSO Party in ages however, this is your chance to get an Alaskan credit for this award.

This is also the year the Alaska celebrates 50 years of Alaska Statehood. What does all this mean? A party as big as the State of Alaska. What party you may ask? See the official news release below;

The Alaska 50th Anniversary of Statehood Special Event will be on the air October 18, 2009 from 1800Z until October 19, 2009, 0600Z. There will be fifteen or more stations on from around the state of Alaska all using KL5O (kilo lima five oscar). We will be on all bands/modes, from 160 through 10 meters, including the WARC bands. This would be a good opportunity for those stations needing Alaska on a particular band or mode to make that needed QSO. Operation will be scheduled to facilitate working North American stations, though all stations worldwide are encouraged to participate.

Making a QSO in this event qualifies as credit for Alaska in the ARRL Year Of The State QSO Party.

QSL confirmation will be electronically via LOTW, eQSL and via mail to AC7DX with SASE for a colorful commemorative QSL card.

The website for this event is

Myself along with many other Alaskan Ham Radio Operators will be participating. Bookmark the link above and check it often. I will not be missing out on the fun so mark your calendars and make sure you don't miss this great opportunity to hear and work Alaska on all bands and many modes! There has not been this much excitement in Alaska since Sara Palin was announced as a running mate to John McCain! Well, you know what I mean...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, I have been curious about that interesting sounding digital noise on 14.075. I found a website that helped me identify the sound I was hearing and so I spent a bit of time listening in on JT65A this morning. Like any new mode, I like to sit back and watch before jumping into the propagation pool, if possible. Not sure when I will take the plunge and give this mode a try but it will require a bit more reading. Very different when comparing it to the other modes I operate but again, was curious about this mode as there seems to be lots of activity.

So many modes, so little time but with our dark and cold winter fast approaching, I'm sure I will venture into even more new modes in the very near future.

On a New Mode Roll

While working Jan, SP3AMZ on 20 meters this morning (Olivia) he wanted me to QSY to a new mode, that being Throb. Once again, DM780 saves the day as it was just a matter of switching modes. I asked Jan to call me and only seconds later, I was enjoying my first THROB-4 QSO!

The fun did not stop there! Jan asked to QSY to MFSK! Once again, easy to switch and run to enjoy the fun!
I have really been enjoying the "other" digital modes and at the same time, help a fellow Ham out with a new country. That's what this hobby is all about, having fun and helping others.

This morning in central Alaska, the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day and I have worked a few more modes that were new to me. I only wish work was this much fun!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little Hell

I called CQ on Olivia and was answered by John, KI4UKF. I had worked John before according to my logbook. John was 100% perfect print even though he was running QRP. One of the main reasons I enjoy this mode as it's great for crappy band conditions and it seems we deal with such conditions here on a regular basis. John had mentioned he was looking for Alaska on Feld Hell and wanted to know if I would be willing to QSY to 14.063 to work him on that mode. Seeing that I had DM780 up and ready to go, I was excited about the request. I had never worked that mode before so why not?! I explained to John that I would be more than willing and it would be a fun mode to try.

I was only on 14.063 for a minute or so when I saw John's print exactly where he was supposed to be. I answered John and he copied my text perfectly. We chatted for a brief few minutes before I had to head to lunch. So easily done with such great software and it's free (again, I would highly suggest donating to the developer of any software that you enjoy using especially those that were free).

Will I try this mode again? Well, Hell yes!

QRZ Hell?