Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little Hell

I called CQ on Olivia and was answered by John, KI4UKF. I had worked John before according to my logbook. John was 100% perfect print even though he was running QRP. One of the main reasons I enjoy this mode as it's great for crappy band conditions and it seems we deal with such conditions here on a regular basis. John had mentioned he was looking for Alaska on Feld Hell and wanted to know if I would be willing to QSY to 14.063 to work him on that mode. Seeing that I had DM780 up and ready to go, I was excited about the request. I had never worked that mode before so why not?! I explained to John that I would be more than willing and it would be a fun mode to try.

I was only on 14.063 for a minute or so when I saw John's print exactly where he was supposed to be. I answered John and he copied my text perfectly. We chatted for a brief few minutes before I had to head to lunch. So easily done with such great software and it's free (again, I would highly suggest donating to the developer of any software that you enjoy using especially those that were free).

Will I try this mode again? Well, Hell yes!

QRZ Hell?

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