Monday, August 24, 2009


While listening to PSK31 today, I observed a signal on the waterfall which I had figured was Olivia just up the band a bit. So, I closed out my PSK31 software and fired up DM780 and was soon copying a callsign sending CQ. That station happened to be VE7NBQ, Peter. I was brand new to this mode and after stumbling a bit, was able to throw my callsign out using Olivia 500/16.

To my surprise (kinda) Peter came back to my callsign and the QSO began. After getting the usual formal information out of the way, I explained to Peter that I was new to this mode. Peter and I had a great conversation regarding Olivia operating including some helpful hints on websites and frequencies. Furthermore, we went on to try Olivia 250/8 and 1000/32. I got a good feel for those modes but our conversation was for the most part using 500/16.

Now, as any good ham should do AFTER making the first contact, I need to read the instructions with DM780 and learned how to actually use the software for Olivia. I have mentioned about working new modes and this is one that I will be looking forward to operating again. Olivia anyone?

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