Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sounds cool!

I'm not talking about our next weekend forecast but just some of those sounds you hear on the ham bands. For years I have thought that the sound of HF packet was cool! Being involved in several digital modes (a few I just copy and have yet to make any contacts on) HF packet is one I still enjoy just listening to. Back in the early to mid 90's, I would access HF gateways to packet bulletin boards and enjoy the 300 baud communication. I'm reminded of my enjoyment of this sound while tuning around in the SARTG RTTY contest a few minutes ago. I was up around 14.103 and I heard the sweet sound of HF packet. The last time I listened in, I copied a BBS system in Hawaii, but I was not decoding the sound today so I'm not sure where it was originating from. But either way, it was a great reminder of my pre-internet activities surfing the HF bands. I'm not sure how much HF packet activity there is today but I have and will always, enjoy the sound that has yet to be replaced by something as audibly soothing to me.

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