Saturday, July 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

Nope, it's not a religious holiday but just one of those many things we take for granted. Our fellow ham radio operators and the internet. Take a look at your computer programs and count how many you currently have on your desktop that you downloaded for free. I currently have, just showing on my desktop, 17! Now, add in those programs that you have downloaded and maybe still have on your computer or maybe for whatever reason, deleted. I bet there are many more.

We have become spoiled with being able to surf the internet for programs, downloading them, and having them operational in just minutes. I did this just recently with a program that allowed me to send and receive Olivia. But some dedicated person took time out of their life and busy schedule to create and publish that program.

I can honestly and proudly say that when I find such programs, I have more than once donated a few dollars to the author of a specific program. A cheap way of saying thanks and it helps support any future updates. Even a general note of thanks I'm sure would be appreciated if you are so damn tight you won't spare a few of your dollars even when you use such programs nearly every day.

What's in this post for me? Not a thing! The only code I know is Morse code but in looking at my desktop, it made me realize how many programs I have that came for free with no strings attached, many of which are still supported and get regular updates. So, don't be a LID, give credit where credit is due and next time you see where you can help by donating a few dollars, do it! And lets not forget about websites that support ham radio activity! These people have internet bills for bandwidth usage just like you and I. The more popular a site is, the more bandwidth that is used and the bigger their bill (I have financially donated to these sites as well).

Think about it, a small price to pay for your enjoyment of our great hobby.

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