Monday, March 8, 2010


Recently I purchased my first hamwear for my travels outside of my normal stomping grounds. I'm not one who puts my callsign on my license plate or plasters it over the the front of a ball cap. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just prefer to remain a bit more anonymous. But I decided to take the plunge and venture into a bit more of the self advertising realm. My license plate suggests that I am a ham radio operator but does not give my callsign.

Recently the SKCC Club hooked up with Astrid's Embroidery to do their clubwear. The previous low life moron (different company) took a few orders and left with the money. This however is not the case with Astrid's. A quick check of eham dot net will provide a list of a few companies that do the same quality work with outstanding reviews. For me, I chose Astrid's due to their connection with SKCC.

Upon receiving my shirts and cap, I was extremely impressed with the quality and workpersonship (rather than workmanship) that went into each. And not only is their work great, the clothing appears to be very good quality as well. I liked their work so much, I just placed an order for my wife and an additional purchase for myself. Heck, my daughter liked them so much that I told her if she gets her "ticket", I would gladly purchase some for her. Hum...

I am not affiliated with Astrid's in anyway, just a satisfied customer. I will be putting this wearaphernalia to the test in the near future as I venture abroad. A way of advertising a club, a hobby, and a bit of who I am. Not shown in this photograph is a straight key on the other side of the cap. Now I just need to find a hamfest so I blend in!

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