Sunday, March 21, 2010

N1MM Logger Part Deux

This weekend was another teaser for summer as there was lots of sunshine. The bands left a bit to be desired but with the help of Sean, KL1SF and his suggestion using EXTFSK, I was able to get the latest version of N1MM Logger working. I had an older version of N1MM logger that I exclusively used for RTTY contests. Now that I have transitioned over to using Win-test, I have found a few contests not yet supported by their software. With that in mind, I decided to see what I could do with the latest version of N1MM Logger.

As mentioned, I have run N1MM Logger for a long time but when I went to use the latest version, I could not get it to work with my Icom 756PRO. I used the same settings with nothing but a dead carrier when attempting to send RTTY. My close friend Sean, KL1SF mentioned he had to use EXTFSK to get his working. So, I downloaded it and after some tweaking and setting adjustments, I was sending mark & space just like before. Seems the EXTFSK is an add on that when used, it allows software control of FSK and PTT for the MMTTY engine. That was the ticket!

I went a step further and set up rig control with N1MM as well. Now that makes for much better contesting! I am a bit slow getting around to upgrading software and getting with the times but I am normally glad when I finally take the plunge. Another dive into upgrading software and I only wish equipment was as easy. My station is getting old and tired and my equipment is letting me know that. There are times when I wish I was a testing ground for new Icom radios and Ameritron amplifiers (I dare the other manufacturers to make me switch). I dream every time I open my QST or CQ magazine but my equipment is a direct reflection of what I can afford, just as it is for many others. I have a very small station but at the end of the day, I have fun with what I have so I guess, that's all that matters. With N1MM working wonderfully, I made about 70 contacts in the BARTG RTTY contest. Mostly search and pounce but with the way N1MM Logger was working, I'm excited about the next RTTY contest, whenever that may be.

The latest round of nice weather keeps reminding me that my operating will soon drop to a minimum as we venture out to enjoy the Alaskan summer. Either way, I have summer maintenance that needs to be accomplished if I even plan to participate in next winters contest season. I'm approaching 30 thousand contacts in my logbook since moving to Alaska 6 1/2 years ago. I'm happy with that number even though there are contest stations out there that can do that in a season. I'm hoping to be around here long enough to enjoy some great 10 meter propagation and with the upswing of the sunspot activity, hopefully it wont' be long now. The sun is entirely responsible for all my fun, both on the bands and outdoors. When the day comes that I have to choose between operating my ATV outdoors or working a 10 meter pileup for several hours, I'm not sure which way I will turn. My guess is, I won't have any mud on my pants at the end of that day.

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