Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March'ing Ahead

Sure hard to believe that March is here and soon our weather will start to change as the days get longer. Propagation will also begin to change and hopefully for the better.

In looking at the contest calendar this month, I don't have any major plans. Of interest to me is the ARCI QRP HF Grid Square Sprint. Looking further down the log you may find me in the Idaho, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Virgina QSO Parties. Depending on the bands, the BARTG HF RTTY contest looks like a possibility also. Nothing major, just giving out points and this month will be more of a casual operating month. I want to focus a bit more on my QRP activities and now that my second Buddipole order arrived, I can hopefully attempt another /P. In talking with Sean, KL1SF today on the way home from the office, he mentioned riding snow machines up to the top of Boot Hill in Healy. What a great place to operate from and a great view as well. I have not personally been up there but have seen Sean's photos. What a great idea! So, we shall see if the weather cooperates.

This past weekend I tried the new controversial mode, Ros. I was informed about the mode by Mike, N4QLB. A bit different mode I would say, but fun none-the-less. If set up correctly, it will automatically send reception reports, via email, to those copied on your screen, once their email address is sent. It seems to be gaining interest with the European digital crowed but it is also catching up here.
I gave it a spin and worked N4QLB with it.I had set up the email portion of the program so it did send reception reports to a few stations in Europe. An example of this is:

Operator Info:
Callsign: KL8DX
QTH: Alaska (AK) Alaska (AK)
Locator: BP53lu
Station: IC-756PRO 4 element Mosley @ 43 feet
ROS Version: 2.1.5 Beta

Signal Info:
Symbol Rate: 16 bauds
Frame Acquisition: 12/20
Final Acquisition:
Frequency Shift: 23.4 Hz
Symbol Errors detected by Viterbi: 25/50
Metric: -18 dB
Vumeter Level: -3 dB
CPU Usage: 46 %

Congratulations for the QSO

I also received two reception reports from N4QLB. One of em looked like:

********** Please don't reply to this email ********************

N4QLB has received your Radio Message sent at: 19:18 UTC

Operator Info:
Callsign: N4QLB
Name: Michael
QTH: Anniston, Alabama USA
Locator: EM73BR
Station: IC7000 into G5RV
ROS Version: 2.1.5 Beta

Signal Info:
Symbol Rate: 16 bauds
Frame Acquisition: 16/20
Final Acquisition:
Frequency Shift: 70.3 Hz
Symbol Errors detected by Viterbi: 24/50
Metric: -16 dB
Vumeter Level: -12 dB
CPU Usage: 55 %

Congratulations for the QSO

You can actually see the mode in action on YouTube at: ROS

So again, no big plans but I may send off my Icom 756PRO this month for some much needed service. Since I won't be needing it for 3 weeks or so, figured it would be a good time to get it repaired and tuned up. I always have my IC-751A which is not the best working rig and of course my IC-703Plus for QRP. As we get ready to spring ahead and turn our clocks forward an hour (for those that do, wish we didn't) my operating hours will begin to fall back as the days are nicer and the great Alaskan outdoors calls my name, in CW of course.


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