Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wall Paper 1 of 3

I received a large white envelope in the mail this afternoon and when my wife returned to the truck, she said, "You got more wallpaper." Seems she is beginning to identify these. She even likes to hold it up to the light and peek through the envelope to see what contest and what my score was. I read the results recently in CQ Magazine so I knew this was coming and I'm actually expecting two more yet from other contests.

I have not looked to see what I busted but it's obvious from what I submitted, my score dropped a bit. I don't remember too much about this contest off of the top of my head but I remember 20 meters was pretty darn good. I poked through my emails and saved my 3830 post which I will post below. That gave the summary of the contest immediately afterward. I have come to enjoy reading the posts on 3830, reading about propagation and the contest from hams all over the globe. Due to the small amount of hams who enter contests here in Alaska, my chances are normally pretty good of getting some kind of wallpaper. At least I think it's better here than if I was operating in the lower 48. My station is small so I am thankful for any advantage I can get. But as I have said before, I'm not in it to win it (too small to even think about it) I'm in it to have fun!  And yes, I remember this contest as being fun! Good thing is, the wallpaper I have been able to accumulate has helped insulate my igloo here in Alaska.



Call: KL8DX
Operator(s): KL8DX
Station: KL8DX

Class: SOSB20 HP
QTH: Alaska
Operating Time (hrs): 29.49

Band  QSOs
  20: 1059
Total: 1059  Prefixes = 537  Total Score = 1,316,187

Club: North Coast Contesters


That just happened! Seriously? A contest weekend with propagation?
And was it!!!

It's obvious this is the biggest RTTY contest of the year. Less than
standing room only on 20 meters. I saw RTTY signals at times from 14.058
to 14.140, solid!

Extremely fun to have two great evening/morning openings into Europe.
I could not get a run going but it seemed that most could hear me when
I called. Some AU on signals but most of the time there was no problem
with decoding any of them.

I decided a single band effort at the beginning. With the band
conditions, I should have tried all band but I stuck to my original plan.
I am not disappointed at all, as I have topped my all time high score and
also total number of QSO's. A small station effort and my operational
times made the best of the great propagation.

Gotta sort through my notes and I will do a detailed overview on my blog
site. My butt needs to divorce my chair and I need to work on getting the
blood flow back into my legs. So many great highlights, so many familiar
callsigns, and only a few low lights. I think Alaska was well represented
this weekend as I was lucky enough to work several of my long distant

Thanks for each and every QSO. Temperatures this morning were -30F and
I believe we will be colder than that tonight. It was warm and cozy in
the shack and extremely easy to stay focused on chasing multipliers and
calling CQ for hours at a time. I can't believe how fast 30 hours went.

Rig: Icom 756PRO
Antenna: Mosley TA-34-XL @ 43 feet
Amp: Ameritron AL-1500 @ 500 watts
Software: N1MM Logger V9.9.6

Phil KL8DX
Denali National Park, AK


  1. Congrats with the wallpapers Phil, got a few of those too. I like the way you write, easy to read. That's not always the case with blogs in english, especially for foreign readers. 73, Bas

  2. Thanks so much, Bas! I have enjoyed operating from here in Alaska and also sharing those experiences. I also enjoy your blog and appreciate the English version as well, which is also very well written! 73 my friend!