Monday, December 13, 2010

VP8NO on 10 Meters? YES!!!!

So, I was pounding away calling CQ on 10 meters and a good signal was heard sending their call. I copied it as VP8NO. I entered it into my contest program and of course, any VP8 would get my attention as it would most people! I'm thinking to myself, could this REALLY be VP8NO on Falkland Islands? As with any questionable contact, you work it and worry about it later. I mean, a VP8 calling me and on 10 meters to boot? 

After the contest, several things went through my mind. I checked the VP8NO callsign looking it up on DX SummitI see one spot for him and it was by a Russian station. My excitement started to fade as the callsign may have been a pirate. Imagine my excitement tonight when I popped into my LOTW account and seeing the contact confirmed when I specifically looked it up! This is by far at the top of the "cool" contact list during the 10 meter contest. We are talking over 9,300 miles between his station and mine. Now in my opinion, that's worth bragging (blogging) about!  Man I love this hobby and CW rocks!


  1. Hi Phil,
    Wow...thats all i can say as well.Even if that would be your only QSO logged...

    For me the ARRL 10M contest contains only 26 QSO's.No special ones..but nice to have worked ZS6BRZ on SSB.
    I tryed to listen for NA many times and the only station i could hear was a VY2 on CW.He was too low to work for me.

    Yesterday i got a nice suprise by the post,Award from ARRL as 1st in the Netherlands in low power 2009.As i have just a small station,you can imagine how proud i was and am.

    73's Bernard PD7BZ

  2. Bernard, congratulations my friend! I have a small station as well and it's great to get some wallpaper! I used to live in the eastern part of the lower 48 and I even heard Europe on 6 meters! Now I'm looking forward to hearing Europe on 10 meters from up here someday. The day we can work each other on 10, I think we will both be doing the DX happy dance!
    73, Phil