Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scheduled Departure

Bittersweet evening as I pulled my trusty Icom 756PRO from the bench and gently rested it into the Astron box that I'm shipping it to Icom in. I worked a few stations in the NAQCC Sprint this evening and my last QSO was an SKCC QSO with W5VYH.  I purchased this rig new in September of 2000 and it has served me very well. I hope this rig lasts me at least another 10 years. The tuner has failed to function and that is the only problem. I am hoping that Icom can do a "once over" and make sure all is within specifications and alignment for me also. I will be glad to get it back and I am now relying on my backup rig, an Icom 751A and of course my QRP rig, Icom IC703 Plus.

Now, since this is my only high power 6 meter radio, I would advise all Alaska stations to listen close to 6 meters. I'm sure we will have great openings for hours now that my rig has been sent off to the shop. This is by far, the best rig I have ever owned and in my opinion, one of the best on CW and especially digital. Icom did right by this radio but their replacement is a bit out of my budget. I have owned Icom's since day one but my next rig may be something different. K3 comes to mind but rest assured, this 10 year old sweetheart will always have a home here. It has given more than it has received and like my wife, it spoils me. Travel safe my friend, for we will do CW once again.

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