Monday, June 14, 2010

10 meters, finally!?

Started seeing several spots on the cluster today regarding PNW (Pacific North West) 10 meter propagation. I tuned my old 751A to 10 meters and I started to hear some faint SSB. I then headed down the band to scan for beacons. K6FRC was booming in as normal when 10's open (28.300). I heard and posted several other beacons. 

The 10 meter season begins for me on June 14th,2010. Starting off kinda weak but I'm hoping that many more openings are ahead. I was listening on 28.405 to a QSO that seemed to drag on forever, with no callsigns given. I can only guess as to their QTH. Either way, nice to see the band open once again. A good ten meter opening would be the only thing that would keep me from venturing outdoors on a day off, with plenty of sunshine!  Well, almost...

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