Sunday, May 2, 2010

7QP & N1MM

I decided to give N1MM Logger a run on CW this weekend. It took me just a few minutes to switch the station over to CW and get N1MM working with my IC-756PRO. Soon I was sending CW and after tweaking my macros, I was set to give it a try.

With several logging and contest programs available today via the web, N1MM has to be the most popular in my opinion. This is due to the numerous contests that it supports. Also, this program continues to be supported and sees upgrades more than any other program I have used over the years. It's free to use but anyone using it should support the author with some kind of monetary donation.

The program worked wonderfully in both S&P (Search and Pounce) and running modes. I did encounter one station who was mobile and he was not sending that he was mobile. I worked him the first time and when I ran across him the second time, I realized only then (he had a good signal into Alaska) that he was a mobile station after he sent his new county location. When I entered his callsign and new county, the program recognized it as a new multiplier but did not give me any points. That was not that case with a station running /7 who was mobile. When I logged multiple contacts with him, it scored it correctly. Just those little things that you need to watch for. Not any fault of N1MM by any means. I wish those stations who don't sign that they are mobile would do so. I log them as I hear them.

N1MM's rig control worked smoothly. I also connected to the local Alaskan Packet Cluster and it worked great. I had to update the internet address as the one listed in the program was wrong but once that was corrected, it stayed connected and posted my spots when sent.

This was my first run at using N1MM with rig control in a CW contest. There has been another release since I downloaded my last version, which I intend to grab here in the near future. It may take a few minutes to get it working with your station using rig control but my basic set up using a Rigblaster Plus works great on FSK RTTY and now CW. N1MM has a huge help file accessible under the menu at the top. A quick search finds most any answer to your questions. All in all, N1MM and the 7QP were lots of fun. I did not make hundreds of contacts but both the software and contest made for lots of fun. I did not do the multiple QSO Party run with it but that may be my next adventure. It happens pretty often when there is more than one contest a weekend that I would like to participate in. I made a screen shot of my software settings for future reference so I'm looking forward to future fun with N1MM.

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