Saturday, October 31, 2009

KL5O Wrap-up from station KL8DX

It was great to be part of such a grand event as the statewide KL5O operation. My station is small so of course, my contacts were not many but I had fun for those that I did make. I tried to make some contacts on 10 meters but from the interior of AK, I would have have been more successful digging for gold in my backyard.

My 285 contacts consisted of the following band breakout:

3.5 CW - 28 QSO's
14 RTTY - 29 QSO's
14 SSB - 201 QSO's
28 SSB - 0 QSO's
21 RTTY - 27 QSO's

I recorded some audio from the Alaska side of things. I don't operate SSB very often but enjoyed a small pile-up while operating KL5O. So to hear what it sounded like on my 2 hour stretch on 20 meters, take a listen to the following wav files;

KL5O from KL8DX


The final numbers I believe were over 5K QSO's but check the website at KL5O for the final numbers when they get posted. You will also be able to look up your QSO's at that site.

Again, lots of fun and I hope you logged KL5O during the operation. It was a privilege to operate with so many great AK operators.

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