Saturday, October 3, 2009

Contest season is just ahead!

Job and life have kept me pretty busy this Fall and now that Winter has arrived, hopefully I can spend a bit of time working some contests. I totally enjoy the CW and digital contests but I will be doing some SSB contests, too. But lately, it's home improvement projects that have taken a front seat to most everything else. Fear not my DX'ing friends, my little signal will once again be trying to find contacts around the globe. Even though I have not been extremely active (only 23k contacts in 6 years) I try to get on a few times a week. Not sure if I have a main focus for this year. New DXCC countries? New modes? Better scores? Only time will tell and as we lose daylight, I normally gain shack time. It's a sad day when the sun hardly shows itself in December and January but the warm sound of DX does the body good!

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