Monday, May 6, 2013

DX'ing to Drywall - It's About Where You Hang

Snow Bound @ KL8DX
I have had zero time to play on the radio lately but I have left my rig on the high bands monitoring JT65A. I'm finding that 15 & 17 meters have been producing some DX but my time has been spent doing some last minute drywall work. Finding good DX is like good drywalling, it's all about where you hang. 

Our planned move has taken a large amount of our time as has working to complete some interior projects. We have seen plenty of snow over the last month but by Sunday, the snow clouds gave way to sunshine and warmer temperatures. We begin this week in the lower 40's and the forecast looks a lot like spring, peaking near 50 by next weekend! I have plenty of snow on the north side of our home to contend with. This normally does not melt off until late June, so I will probably have to make use of the snow shovel to get to the tower and vertical. My HF vertical is buried under four feet of snow as is the base of the tower. This is created by the strong southerly winds we receive during the winter months. 

We have lots of sun these days and life is slowly returning to the Denali area. It's nice to see preparation of local businesses to once again open for the tourists with preseason beginning on May 15th. It won't be long before we will be in the full swing of summer and our only traffic light in Glitter Gulch will once again be functional. I'm excited to head out camping once we complete our current projects and do a bit of portable operating. I'm sure ready for summer as I'm sure most Alaskan's are. It won't be long now before the first skeeter and out of state RV arrive. 


  1. Hello Phil,

    The pictures bring back good memories. The second one on the left is where my wife and I hiked to see the mother Moose and her two kids. hihi I was careful to keep a big tree between us and them at all times. They're magnificent creatures as long as they're not riled. Ever come face to face with an angry one?

  2. John, a few surprise close encounters but nothing serious as I always give them plenty of room. My closest encounter to date has been a few with my truck. Thankfully we did not connect. :0)

  3. One of those sitting in your front seat would be a very bad for your health. Glad to hear you haven't had that happen.

  4. Very nice shot of the winter wonderland....just glad it's gone from down this way. It's nice when the first snow comes but really nice when it's gone for the summer.