Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa - Are You a Ham? A Ham, I Am!

Merry Christmas (Photo I took of my wife's village one year)
Christmas is just a wonderful time of year. Sadly, with our parents gone and family members thousands of miles away, this time of year is a bit tough for us. Living in Alaska has been a wonderful, unforgettable experience but, it has its drawbacks. The main one being that it's extremely expensive to fly most anywhere from up here and we are so far away from our close friends and families. But someday we will be much closer and will be able to once again, share these joyous times of year with our siblings, kids, and now grand kids! I can't wait to see our grandchildren's reaction on Christmas morning, after Santa has worked his magic, leaving presents underneath the Christmas tree. I always wanted to stay awake all night long, just to catch a glimpse of that jolly old bearded man but I would always fall asleep. As a child, I would awaken to a packed stocking laying by my feet at the foot of my bed. I would dash downstairs and I could not wait for my wrapping paper assault to begin.  

There are many who are keeping our borders, cities, towns, and citizens safe,  making it possible to continue with our way of life, both at home and abroad. Many of those are unable to spend time with their families and to them, I say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart. I know there are those that are struggling and this is a much harder holiday than I could ever imagine. I'm very thankful for what I have and this is the time of year I reflect on the last 47 + years. I can't turn back time but I sure have the power to make the holidays more joyful. 

Click above to enlarge Santa's Poem
And in speaking of Santa, living so darn close to the North Pole, we are at the end of his route. Like a child who rides the bus home from school and who lives the furthest away, they have to wait for everyone else to be dropped off first. But, I know my turn will eventually arrive as Santa would never forget about me, or at least I hope he never does! Like the IRS, Santa knows where I live. Rudolf will guide his sleigh right to my QTH, I'm sure of it! What will Santa bring me? Does Santa speak ham-n-ese? Does he know what an Alpha amplifier is, or a K3? Does he realize when I asked for a SixPak, it was not a beverage consisting of 6 cans or bottles? When I asked for a Bug, I wonder if Santa realizes it's not a pet, but a Morse Code device? Does Santa know that a Hex Beam does not bring bad luck to someone? And does Santa realize that a Beverage antenna is not something that helps you find a soda machine?  Maybe I should of been more specific with my list? If only Santa was a ham, he might understand. 

My list includes such things as a Elecraft K3, or an Icom IC-7600. Or, if he did not have enough room or his sleigh was over weight, I would gladly enjoy a Yaesu VX-8DR with APRS antenna! Or even a new dual band base station vertical antenna for 2 meters and 440! Maybe I'm over reacting and I need to give Santa the benefit of the doubt. Socks and t-shirts two years in a row? I won't know for sure until Christmas morning. 

Merry Christmas!

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