Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shack De-Summerization

The KL8DX / KL8SU Shack Reopening
As I move back into the shack after having it mostly dormant for the summer, I have lots of dusting, cleaning, organizing and preparing to do for occupancy (contest) season. I've moved the QRP equipment back into the shack and I've acquired a new addition this year. An Icom 706MIIG which was purchased from my CW Elmer, Ed K8QWY. The twins (Icom 703Plus and 706MIIG) now occupy a spot next to the 756PRO. My Yaesu will be dedicated to 100% mobile operating when I get a chance to complete the install. All parts that were ordered for the project have been received, now I just need the time to complete it.

Last 12 hrs of precipitation looking toward Mt. Healy 
Winter has once again sent us a reminder that it's here. Thankfully, the temperatures are warm yet so we can still shovel snow in short sleeves. The warm is headed south for the winter along with the sun and many of the birds. As things get cold here, I'm hopeful the bands will warm up. So far, 10 meters has been showing signs of life as I've made several digital and CW QSO's on that band over the last few weeks. Recently, the earth was shown a little love from the sun in the form of a CME and the bands have been pretty poor for the last 24 hours. The northern absorption factor is in full swing with only a few signals heard here and there. Not a bad thing when the poor band conditions help motivate me to get my cleaning and other projects done.

I have to miss the BIG SSB contest at the end of the month due to a work related conflict but I'm stoked about November. I did chase a few stations in the California QSO Party and also the TARA PSK Rumble this past weekend. All early signs that the green flag of contest season has flown and it's time to pour contacts into the logbook.  

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