Monday, January 16, 2012

Uploading The Past Part Deux

KE8RO/KL7 LOTW Confirmations
As I had mentioned in my previous blog entry, I was on the hunt for my .adif file that would allow me to upload my 2002 QSO's from Alaska. Thanks to Sean, KL1SF for lending me access to his fine equipment! I was not sure if I signed /KL7 as a prefix or suffix and I obviously sent it as a suffix. So, after getting my file created, it was a matter of uploading the contacts and the confirmations are seen to the left. I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Andy, VE9DX as one of my confirmations! So my quest to upload my previous logs has been completed. I have enough certificates now that I have to carefully pick the correct one when uploading my current logs. Not that painful of a process and extremely quick response back from LOTW (Logbook Of The World) and the ARRL. 

I have been working on logging all of my already confirmed counties from received QSL cards. I'm nearly through my current on hand batch of QSL's and then I will dive into my previous callsigns to see what I have confirmed. I've easily hit the 500 + confirmed mark but with well over 3,000 counties in the United States, I have a long way to go! But, ya gotta start somewhere, right? It just took a little nudge from Ed, K8QWY to get me organizing my files.

I received all of my ordered parts from Powerwerx so I'm ready to get started on my mobile installation of both my UHF/VHF and HF rigs. I'm looking forward to getting back on mobile APRS again. My last broadcast from the mobile was at the Ford dealership in Fairbanks, Alaska the day that we traded our F-150 in for our current truck. 

Since the current geomagnetic activity has rendered the bands useless as of this writing, I'm working on catching up on a few QSL requests and some backing up of logbooks and data.  On our trip home from Fairbanks today we got to see the sun in all its glory! So glad to see the fireball in the sky making a return. It will be many more weeks before the sun will be warm enough to melt anything up here but just knowing it's returning cannot help but put a smile on any Alaskan's face.

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