Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Arrives

Fall colors have peaked and the Sandhill Cranes are flying overhead on their way to their winter destinations. This summer like all the previous seemed short and I once again have lots to accomplish before the snow arrives. We have been camping this summer so between wet weekends and camping weekends, that left very few (if any) to get anything accomplished around the house.

Picnic Table QRP 
 I make sure that I have my Icom 703Plus when we depart on camping trips and when time allows, I always enjoy hooking up the rig to see what I can hear and work. I normally hear much more than I can work but that's the challenge of QRP. 

I took this photo of my setup while we were camping on the Kenai Peninsula on one of our recent trips. I was surprised that the campground was pretty quiet! Probably due to the fact that with summer winding down, the campground was only partially full and we did not have anyone camping directly next to us when I set this up. There is nothing more fun than to hook up a rig and sit in the warm, bright sunshine playing radio. Very relaxing and also fun to see what I can hear from a different location. On the morning I took this photo, I was hearing Europe, Russia, and some lower 48 stations but mostly stations across the great pond. I tried a few CW contacts but my signal just was not making the trip but I did manage one PSK31 QSO using HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) and DM780. 

Even with only one QSO in the logbook, it was well worth setting up the portable station and listening to the band (20 meters). If we have our travel trailer in tow, you can sure bet that I have my portable set up with me.


  1. Good morning Phil, yes up this way the Canada geese are on there way south. I was on a drive this past weekend and my wife pointed out how the leaves were starting to change. The temp's are starting to drop and I hope to get one or two more weekends in with some warm temp's so I can get the KX1 into action.

  2. I know! I am hoping the same here, that the weather holds out and I can do some portable operations. I was hoping to do some this week but my schedule was changed and that now won't happen. I miss the longer fall season back east as it would allow more portable time but to have our midnight sun in the summer months, I guess it's a trade off :0) I will be moving my QRP rig into the shack here soon and playing from home.

  3. Just one last question Phil what headphones are those that you are using. I am in the market for a good pair and saw yours in the picture.

  4. VE3WDM - They are a simple pair of noise canceling headphones I picked up at a grocery store (I think Sony's). I actually purchased them to listen to my iPod but they work well with the radio, too.