Monday, July 25, 2011

Six & 10

I could not let July slip by without some sort of post!  Yes, it has been a very busy summer but I do get to turn on the radio from time to time. I have Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) filter to send me text messages when any Alaskan station is spotted on 10 & 6 meters. Now mind you, I had no idea how many Alaskan callsigns were in the lower 48 but I have found out recently when those stations were active on those two bands, not to mention a beacon (I won't get on my rant about that one again) with an Alaskan callsign over on the East Coast.

July 21st yielded some 6 and 10 meter activity for me. It was short lived but a brief opening on those bands are better than no opening any day. My 6 meter antenna is still very low profile and hopefully by winter I can correct that. I did purchase the feedline I need to move that antenna higher so my excuses are getting smaller and smaller as to why I have not yet moved my 6 meter beam. Either way, I made ten contacts on 6 meters and three contacts on 10 meters with the highlight being able to work my long time friend Sean, KL1SF who is now at the Grand Canyon. Sean and his family were here for a week visit prior to me working Sean on 10 meters. It was a memorable week for sure and spending time with friends who are more like family is always great!

With the sun moving south, it won't be long before we see the colors changing to a fall scheme and I will be doing my typical mad rush to get my outdoor antenna work completed before the snow arrives, which normally catches me by surprise. I do procrastinate but only during the summer months as I suffer from acute midnight sun fever and there is only one cure, being outdoors doing fun stuff!

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