Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seward Funshine

Recently we headed to Seward, Alaska to spend a handful of camping days with our close friends, Sean and Mindy (KL1SF & KL1MF). Both will be leaving soon for the Grand Canyon, so we are squeezing in as much time together as possible before their August departure. With the purchase of our very first travel trailer, we put it to good use. It rained for most of the time (typical) but we did have one nice day! That was the day we gave ham radio a spin.

I configured my Buddipole as a vertical for 20 meters and mounted it off of the back of our trailer. Once I got it tuned, we heard a few signals, mostly out of Europe. The band was very poor and I expect it was due to a solar wind effect but since I did not have internet (other than my Blackberry) I did not go checking. Either way, it was fun to hook up and tune around looking for signals. In this photo, Sean, KL1SF was tuning around on 20 meter SSB listening for stations. I had to take the opportunity to snap a quick photo of the event.

We talk about summer but it is fast coming to an end. The fireweed is nearing the top and our days are getting shorter. As our local morning temperatures remind us that winter (maybe fall) is not far away. I have yet to get working on any of my antenna issues here at home and I hope I don't cut myself short. I do that every year but when summer arrives, we Alaskan's have to go play! Our winters are dark, long, and cold. We really don't want to be stuck working at home. I still have a goal of accomplishing some antenna work for the fall contest season but I also have some home improvement projects to get going on as well. We are already picking ripe blueberries and soon we will once again be driving to work in the darkness. Ham radio does not take a backseat to much in my world but when summer roles in, the shades to the shack get pulled and the "closed for the season" sign gets posted. Do you blame me?

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