Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disregard, this is only a test..Win-Test that is!

I was looking for a new and improved contest program and I fell for Win-test. I have used ACLog for years and it is good, but very basic. I was ready to step into the arena of contesting with something a bit more powerful. Several of the big contest stations up here use Win-test and they have had great results.

This is the age of getting software for free however, this program is not free. But as I pursue my interest in contesting, I needed something that would help me visually, and contestingly (yep, new word). Getting familiar at home with this program would also help me when I venture north or south with my desires to operate at a few of the other contest stations here in Alaska.

I am cramming with the functions and setting this up as my goal is to use Win-test this weekend in the ARRL CW contest. I hope there are a few patient souls out there as it will be a few QSO's before I get into the groove of new keyboard sequences but there is no better time to learn and play. If the contest itself was not challenging enough, now I'm stepping it up a notch.

I will report on my successes and failures (hopefully none) but either way, I'm looking forward to testing something new. 2010 has been a new software year for me. First I changed my log over to HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) and now this change for contesting. Two major contests back to back. I'm not sure I can take it but something tells me the software will do just fine!

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