Sunday, June 3, 2012

BIG Wildlife

Tree Breaker and Guy Wire Shaker
We have had this moose frequenting our yard for the last few days and she has been pruning the trees around our house and garage. Of course, the guys for my wire antennas and towers are always a concern. Not so much during the summer as we experience almost 24 hours of daylight and fewer Chinook systems, but more so during the dark winter season. I use plenty of black Dacron and it can be very hard to see in the dark. Thankfully, I have never had an entanglement with wildlife but it is something I consider when hanging antenna's. I try to get my guy wires above moose level but when I crank down my Hazer to lower my antennas due to high winds or weather, they all become a potential hazard for local wildlife. These moose are much taller than us humans and I'm sure they can make short work out of pulling down wires and even towers.  These are big beautiful animals and we enjoy seeing them in our yard. Not only do we need to be inspecting for electrical hazards when putting up antennas, we need to always consider that welcomed surprise guest(s) that may be roaming around the neighborhood. 


  1. I'll never forget watching a big moose with two little ones when I was there several years ago. I was careful to keep a BIG tree between myself and them. Nothing worse than a mad Moose.....

  2. Very true! I'm always surprised how I see tourists get so close to these moose and when they have their young with them, they are extremely protective. A moose can kill a person but many just see them as big and slow, which is false. Once those ears fall back, you know it's not happy. :0)